Dogs, dogs everywhere

Posted on Mon March 18, 2024.

Greyton is a wonderful place for animal lovers

One of the first things you’ll notice when entering Greyton, is the sheer number of people walking their dogs in the village. Yes, we all love dogs! In fact, we love dogs so much that they’re always welcome in our restaurant.

Lazlo is one such a special little dog; he has boundless energy, plays with his toys with gusto and permanently appears to be smiling. He truly is the embodiment of a happy dog.
Besides being super cute, he’s also very friendly and loves exploring. If you’re very lucky, you might spot him when he’s being taken for a walk.

Lazo was the inspiration for the logo of our dog biscuits, Wonky Bones, which are baked at our premises at the Old Potter’s Inn. Be sure to ask our restaurant personnel for a free biscuit for your dog when bringing them around.