Fire & Wine

Posted on Wed July 26, 2023.

Fire & Wine

After the success of the Wine Weekend in 2022, the organisers decided to host a winter version. 

Two days of unlimited wine tasting kicked off on Friday, 14 July 2023, and we were the proud hosts of The Wine Thief and Lord’s wines during the first Fire & Wine event.

It was a weekend filled with exclusive tastings with winemakers, hosted in cosy venues with roaring fireplaces and good old fashioned small-town hospitality.  The weather was perfect for participants to socialise and exchange opinions, learn from each other’s experiences and discover new favourites. 

Our restaurant included a lovely, Asian-style pork belly and fragrant Bobotie with various baked desserts to accompany the great wines on offer.  Paul provided live music and his clarinet was the perfect accompaniment to the carefree and casual atmosphere.