Saturday Morning Market



Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00PM
Location: Village Market Square

Saturday Morning Market

Visit the Saturday Morning Market or enjoy the many restaurants and coffee shops that Greyton has to offer.

The Animal Welfare, Red Cross, Greyton Transition Town Charities are represented at the market, together with other crafters.

The smell of organic cheeses in many flavours, farm butters and tasty yogurts and freshly baked bread assault the senses, as well as less traditional goodies like pesto, samosa, bakers baking fresh and sour dough breads, ‘dukkah pancakes’ and other eastern delights on offer other eastern delights are on offer!

You’ll also find Knitting, Crochet work, Leather work, Essential Oils, Beauty Products, Plants, Hand-printed Textiles, NON-GMO Seed available for purchase too. And of course, you’re able to enjoy tea and coffee and breakfast on the go, and often live music too!